Working on a ship

Itinerary: September 2017 – Dezember 2017

  • Austria (Vienna, Krems, Dürnstein, Melk, Linz, Engelhartszell)
  • Hungary (Budapest, Puszta, Esztergom)
  • Slovakia (Bratislava)


  • monthly earning: ˜ 1.300€ (taxes already excluded)
  • Food and accomodation: included for free
  • Tips: 30 – 100€ per week
  • Spending: max. 10€ per day

As you are on a ship and there is not a lot of time to spend Money, it was very easy not to spend more than the tip! So I could save 1.300€ per month for my next journey! The Food was good enough to not go out and buy something else.


Working on a Ship A-Rosa
Working on a Ship A-Rosa

After 4 months working on a ship in the Danube I can definetly say that it`s not something for everyone! I really liked the Job itself, but that definetly depends on the area you are working in. Even though I worked on a “small” river cruiser there were 50 crew members on board. So there are Job options for anyone. My position was called International Host, so I was responsible for the international guests, had to do presentations and translations from german to english and spanish, doing the daily program, selling the excursions, working in the boardshop and help at the reception.

Also the collegues on the ship were really cool people as they are literally sitting in the same boat with you! However, you still have to consider that your friends of the Crew have diferent working hours and breaks than you. Also there is no weekend and max. 2 days off per month! The average working hours per day are also higher than 8 hours. Plus even if you have sparetime you might not be able to use it very well if you are not in a port! So that means you’ll sometimes end up in your room not really knowing what to do.

But besides the lack of sparetime I really liked the work. There are always some colleagues that become good friends, sometimes even guests. You can enjoy the nature passing by from your room and your working place. Also nearly everyday there is another city to explore. And very important for me was that I could save more money for my next journey – and that worked out very well! So in the end I can recommend to try it, but be aware that it is a lot of work!


For Pictures check out Instagram with #maxploringworkingonaship




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