Seeking variety at your Journey? Ecuador!

If you like nature and variaty Ecuador should definitely be on your Bucketlist! The main reason for that is really simple: It has 4 climatic zones (The Galapagos, the Coast, the Mountains and the Amazon), and each of them has amazing sights to offer. Also it has some (like many latin american countries) of the most incredible and nicest people in the World. Besides they speak spanish without a lot of accent, so it is a good spot to get your language skills started or boosted. By myself I can just tell you that it was already my third time there... so I always find a reason to go back to. And now, lets find out why:

Paraguay – a hidden treasure?

"Why are you going to Paraguay? There is nothing to do! Thats what I usually heard when I told people my plans about going there. However, I was sure Paraguay has some sights to offer and many things to see... Guess who was right? Yes! Paraguay population is very small for its size so it has amazing nature to offer.