Latinamerica I

Itinerary: October 2016 – June 2017

  • Mexico (Guadalajara, Puerto de Vallarta, Nevado de Colima, Cancún,Cozumel, Tulum, Coba)
  • Belize (Caye Caulker)
  • Guatemala (Flores, Antigua, Acatenango, San Pedro de la Laguna – Lake Atitlan, Semuc Champey, Guatemala City, El Paredón)
  • El Salvador (San Salvador, El Zonte, El Tunco, Santa Ana)
  • Honduras (San Pedro Sula, Utila)
  • Nicaragua (Leon, San Juan del Sur, Granada)
  • Costa Rica (San Jose, Monteverde, Liberia, Playa Hermosa, Tamarindo)
  • Panama (Panama City, El Valle de Antón, San Blas Islands)
  • Colombia (Capurganá, Cartagena, Medellin, Guatape, Bogotá, Zipaquirá, Manizales, Cali, Ipiales)
  • Ecuador (Baños, Loja, Vilcabamba, Zamora / Podocarpus, Salinas, Montañita, Guayaquil)
  • Peru (Máncora, Playa el Ñuro, Trujillo, Lima, Huacachina, Cusco, Machu Pichu)
  • Brasil (Saó Paulo)


Average daily spending: 30€

Average monthly spending: 900€

  • Flight: 850€ once (from Vienna to Guadalajara and from Sao Paulo to Vienna)
  • Transport: 3€ daily
  • Food: 5-10€ daily
  • Acommodation: 8-12€ daily
  • Party and going out: 5€ daily
  • Tours and Entries: 5€ daily

Of course the costs vary a lot on your lifestyle, but this is a good overview avout all the costs I had :

1.000€ per month plus the flight extra should work in Latinamerica if you don`t go for the most expensive stuff! (also depends on the country a lot!)


Machu Picchu Peru Maxploring
Machu Picchu Peru

My nine months Latin America trip I will always remember! It was the first time that I went on a big backpacking trip! And so far it was the most amazing experience in my life! To go there was the best decision in my life and I can just try to encourage you all if you are thinking about something similar…. Go for it! Go for a journey all by yourself and don’t be afraid at all! Life is here to be lived so don’t give a s…!

Of course bad things could happen but actually it is not very probably and bad things can also happen at home. And even if – for example I got robbed in Honduras, my Kanu sank in the middle of the ocean in Belize or I ended up without a Hostel for the night. But whatever happens you will survive it and afterwards ist a Memory that you won’t Forget. So even the “bad” experiences I made are now great and fun memories.

Now to Latin America! In my opinion it is the most amazing culture I could experience. Each Country is a bit diferent but they are all super open minded and friendly. It was not just once that I lived at a privat home because I got invited there! That means for all alone travelers that it is super easy to find friends – in a bar, a club or on the street doesn’t really matter. So of my nine months there I felt more time like at home than being far away.

And the second most amazing part of Latin America are the Things you can do there: From visiting errupting Vulcanos and seeing Lava, to swimming with sharks or turtles really everything is included. Not to Forget to visit the most interesting ruines in the world like Machu Picchu in Peru or Tikal in Guatemala. So if you want to go for a trip (what you anyway should 😉 ) and you didn’t decide for a location yet I can super recommend Latin America!



For Pictures check out Instagram with #maxploringlatinamerica

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