Itinerary: September 2015 – October 2015

  • Spain (Cádiz, Playa Bolonia, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sevilla, Rota, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Marbella, Ronda, Barcelona, Montserrat)
  • Marocco (Tanger)


in Total costs for 6 weeks: ˜3.000€

  • Flight: 350€ once (Vienna to Cádiz and back)
  • Spanish Course 2 weeks: 850€ once (20h per week)
  • Guestfamily 2 weeks: 850€ once (2 meals per day included)
  • Accommodation in Hostels: 150€ once
  • Transport and Sightseeing: 250€
  • Food: 200€
  • Party and going out: 300€


Gibraltat Spain

Spain was my kinda expensive trip but for me it was like a try out and preperation for Latin America. As it was my first time backpacking alone. I didn’t want to go all the 6 weeks backpacking so I took two weeks of spanish classes and living with a host family to learn the language In Cadiz. Actually still after seeing a lot of the world, Cadiz would be a city where I want to live! You should not miss it by traveling to Spain.

For Pictures check out Instagram with #maxploringspain

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