In case you are still thinking about if you should do the trip or not, I have the right answer for you: Yes, do it! Even though you might feel unprepared, you didn’t organize enough or heavn’t planned anything yet. That’s the best way to do it: Don’t plan just go for it! The feeling of freedom you’ll get is amazing and waking up every morning without a plan makes you spontaneous -> You can really go and do whatever you feel like in that same moment. Don’t book anything but the flight or train ticket and maybe always the Hostelnight for the next day. Thats my first and already most important tip for traveling.

However, there will always be space to improve your travelexperience more and more. But as always the best way to improve is learning by doing: you will make total different experiences than everyone else and with some time passing by you’ll learn how to adapt the journey to your own needs. But in this section I’ll still try to help you out with my own experiences. So if you are planning a journey everything you need to know in advance you’ll find here, Also I have interesting tips if you are already traveling,Β finished a trip successfully and don’t know what to do next or you are interested in special topics like working or studying abroad.

As the Homepage is new at the moment it will take me some time to fill it with all the content! If you have already questions feel free to ask me.