Paraguay – a hidden treasure?

"Why are you going to Paraguay? There is nothing to do! Thats what I usually heard when I told people my plans about going there. However, I was sure Paraguay has some sights to offer and many things to see... Guess who was right? Yes! Paraguay population is very small for its size so it has amazing nature to offer.

Exploring the south of Brasil

After coming from Uruguay I wanted to check out what Brasil has to offer in the south. But honestly for international tourists there was not that much to find online. So I decided to just go step by step and ask the locals in the city itself for advice. Afterwards I can tell you: I found a lot of amazing things to do!

Hiking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu

Some time passed already since I have done the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu but it still feels like it has been yesterday. Like for many backpackers in Latinamerica I did set the goal for me that I wouldn't go back home before seeing Machu Picchu

Traveling – My passion

I am sure every traveler in the world chose this way of life for diferent reasons. But as my next journey will start this week I want to share why I am that passionate about it - that much that I am even starting a travel blog! Maybe some of you san relate and understand why I chose this Lifestyle.