Eastern Europe

Itinerary: July 2017 – August 2017

  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Serbia (Belgrad, Užice –> Hiking –> Zlatibor)
  • Albania (Tirana, Plazhi San Pietro)
  • Montenegro (Ulcinj)
  • Croatia (Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Barbariga, Pula)
  • Slovenia (Ljubljana, Domžale / Dob, Bled)


Average daily spending: 35€

Average monthly spending: ∼1.000€

  • Transport: 5€ daily
  • Food: 8€ daily
  • Acommodation: 5-8€ daily
  • Party and going out: 15€ daily
  • Tours and Entries: 3€ daily

We could save a lot of money by bringing our tent to camp and hike for free instead of sleeping in Hostels or taking public transport. In general we tried to keep it really cheap without missing anything!


Croatia - Dubrovnik
Croatia – Dubrovnik

As my Eastern Europe trip took place after being nine months in Latin America, I was nearly out of money and time so I had to hurry up a bit and couldn’t enjoy all the places as I would have wished. Also I have to say it was the first time for me not backpacking alone but with a good friend which also made a total diferent experience out of this trip. This guy I was traveling with is a bit of a crazy Person so it really was more exhausting than usually but also more fun!

However Eastern Europe is an amazing Region to visit and especially for Backpackers. My favourite part was the one week hiking in the hills of southwestern Serbia. Noone in the countryside could speak english so we were asking people with gestures if we could fill up our waterbottles or get food from their trees. What I loved the most is, they didn’t only help us with that – nearly everyone gave us Rakia (what is really strong alcohol) or even whole meals to eat with them. Besides These friendly people what was is really beautiful is the landscape. Not only the hiking in Serbia but also the beaches in Albania or the cities in Croatia wer exciting to see! The last Point I want to highlight is the really crazy party city Belgrade! the main Party area there is actually in the Danube! so you can go from houseboat to houseboat where one Club Party is bigger than the other! So I actually can’t wait to see the rest of Eastern Europe.

For Pictures check out Instagram with #maxploringeasterneurope

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