Maxploring Max CiperleHi, I’m Maxploring… the world ;). At least a small little bit of it. As I thought I might not be the only Person in the world wanting to do that, I am sharing my experience with you!

I am from Austria, born in 1992 and I studied Corporate Communications. However I am not really interested in that anymore since around 2014 I became a Traveler, Backpacker, Explorer or however you want to call it.

Compared to other travelers and travel blogs I am the one that is not planning anything in advance.ย  And I tell you why: The best things that happen in life are not planable! So seriously … sometimes people ask me what do they have to plan to start such a big journey. My answer is always the same: “Nothing! You are a free Person – you don’t have to do anything – Just book a flight.” For most people this is not really sattisfying as answer so I thought why not starting a travel blog to answer all the questions people and friends usually ask me. The most asked question is “How do I start a long journey?” All you really have to do are three simple steps

  1. Choose where you want to go. I usually base it on prices and my personal interest in the region. (Check which injections and Visa you need!)
  2. Booking the flight. Preferable one way!
  3. Packing – less is better!

These 3 steps would be enough and after following them you’ll find yourself on the journey of your life. However I know I am not an average person what belongs to planning so of course I will give you more youseful tips for your journey! So just check out my Blog. Or read about my journeys and experiences to get ideas for your own. I am sure there is also something for you! And now let me tell you how I decided to travel the world:


Born and growing up in Austria I started to go to a business highschool near my small hometown called Traiskirchen. After graduating I had to go, as every man with 18 years, to the mandatory military. Later on I decided to study coorporate communications and after three years of studying I finally got my Bachelors degree. However I didn’t really feel ready to just get a job and settle down my life. Obviously I had these thoughts already before graduating from university so I had a slight plan… better to say the plan was to have not really a plan: I just booked a flight ticket for the day after the graduation party without any more plans: The only thing I knew was when the flight starts from Vienna and that I want to travel as many countries as I could for as long as my money lasts. But how did i get to that point… lets go back a little bit:

Canada Calgary Exchange
Canada Calgary

2014/15: Actually I’ve never been interested in travelling that much when I was young. It was just when I started with university and people were always talking about these exchange programs. At that point of my life I have already been in a relationship for 4 years and knew I want to become an event manager or found my own company later in my life. So in just one day without thinking that much I broke with my habits and applied for a semester abroad. It didn’t even matter to me where to go… I just had this feeling that I want to break out of the everyday life, do something different and live my life! Also I anyway saved nearly all the money I earned in my life for a special occasion and until that point I never knew for what it was. So after setting just a few things up like acommodation, study papers and so on, thats already all the story how I ended up in Calgary (Canada)ย on my first big journey and my first time travelling alone for approximately 6 months.

Spain Sevilla
Spain Sevilla

2015: After that trip everything changed in my life. I knew I wanted to get more experience like this by traveling the world. However… first I had to finish my degree. But there were still three months left so I decided to use this time. As the 5th semester was partly the internship, I could manage to get a job just for three months as eventmanager. that meant I still had 2 months before university would start again. Also through the internship I earned enough money to try my first real Backpacking trip. So I had the time and the money, but no idea where I should go. As my english got already good enough I thought how about learning another language, which is easy and used a lot in the world. Spanish came imediately to my mind, as the country is also cheap for europe and not that far it was the perfect joice. Researching in the internet I found out that Cรกdiz is a really beautiful city. And again… without thinking nor planning to much i booked my flight ticket to Spain. As it was my first time backpacking I was a bit afraid without any plan at all so I booked a Hostel for the first days, got in contact with friends and a Host family in Spain and set up a language course for 2 weeks. Thats already the only part I would change if I had the chance… with these things set up, the freedom was nearly gone. As I could never do anything spontaneous one of the most important parts of traveling got a bit lost. Nevertheless it was an amazing 5 weeks in Spain but thats when I wrote the note to myself: “The best plan is to have no plan”.

Peru Machu Picchu


2016/17: Being back home there was the same feeling. The freedom was missing. Even though my career was really cool I felt like stuck in there and not improving in my life. In the end it didn’t matter that much cause there was just one and a half semesters left and I anyway did need time to earn some money. So I got a side job as personal trainer and saved likely a 100% from my earnings. Nearly one year later the saved amount was pretty much 8.000 โ‚ฌ. So now, that university is finally done with me, I just have to wait till my biggest adventure in Latinamerica will start tomorrow, with just one plan: to have no plan.

Serbia hiking


2017: After 9 months in latinamerica I did directly fly to Spain as my old company asked me to help there at an event. So before coming back I actually earned enough money to travel again right away. But as always the kick is to try something diferent. So I took my best friend with me. As there was not enough money to fly to another continent we decided to explore eastern europe for 5 weeks.

Working on a Ship A-Rosa
Working on a Ship

2017: As after every real journey, I was a different person than before traveling! Again I felt different about life and even more than before that I have to continue this lifestyle. The only problem… I am out of money. So the first obvious thing to do is checking the internet for jobs. And I found something very intersting: a river cruiseship company is looking for an international host on one of their ships. As for some other jobs abroad I applied for that one. And guess what… I have been working on a ship. So somehow it was already traveling and earning money at the same time.

Right now I am planning my second trip to the others countries in Latin America which starts in January 2018!

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