Traveling – My passion

Traveling – Why is traveling my Passion?

I am sure every traveler in the world chose this way of life for diferent reasons. But as my next journey will start this week I want to share why I am that passionate about it – that much that I am even starting a travel blog! Maybe some of you can relate and understand why I chose this lifestyle. Still it was pretty hard to name the parts which I love that much about traveling. But in the end I am pretty happy with my list:

1. The economic system

I think the mayor part of the society and people is way to focused on consumption and with that forgetting the real importance of life… to live and enjoy. It was the same for me as already the school tought that everything is about earning money and getting a good job. But this is just not the sence of life… at least in my opinion. Even though the way to happiness is different for everyone I for myself found traveling as the way of living. As it lets you break out of the “System”. You can do whatever you want and don’t have to act according to any rules of the society. As a traveler you can get your head free of thoughts like “what should I buy? “or “who should I meet next?”. You are just going for yourself and making plans of what to see and explore in the world. As you can do that however you like you will also experience a new way of freedom.

2. Freedom

This is a main part for why I am traveling. The feeling of waking up in the morning and not knowing what to expect of the day but still be all yourself responsible for it is the best in the world. As a solo traveler you will never have to discuss with anyone what you want to do. Even if you want to stay in bed or just relax in a hammock you don’t have to justify nothing to noone. Going to a volcano, to the next beach, to the jungle or whatever else you wanna do you can decide it in the morning spontaneously! And don’t worry about being alone, because there are so many amazing people on the way.

3. People

Yes, you have the freedom to decide or to do everything alone. But that means you can also decide to stay with other people. Staying in dormitories is always the best way to connect with other travelers. As they are usually also on a cool trip there is always something to start the conversation with. It will turn out that you actually might not need a break from being alone but from all the other people around you! And not only the other travelers are amazing and motivated personalities that will get your friends. On every place in earth there are also locals. Actually in my opinion this is the more interesting group because you can learn about the everyday life of the country you are visiting. Seriously just start to talk to people … even on the street don’t be shy and you will understand why this point is on the list! Actually you might even fall in love – you can never know. But more likely, the people you meet might be able to give you useful tips which places you should visit next.

4. Nature, Cities and Cultures

This is the most obvious point why people are traveling. They want to explore the world. And they got a point there: By traveling you will see so many diferent things you would never see at home. Doesn’t matter if it is just a beach (No, we don’t have a sea in Austria…), a volcano erruption or the jungle. Every country has its own treasures that are so worth to see. And not only the nature, (even though I am definitely prefering it) also the cities are different all over the world. Just imagine a small village in the mountains of Switzerland, New York, a capital like Paris, a village in Africa or a big city like Mexico City. They are all extremely different. Still I would love to see all of those cities but I would expect different things of each one. With the different types of landscapes, cities and people there also comes the different culture. And this is one main thing why I am traveling! How people react, how they build their streets, what plants they grow, how they solve problems, the music and how they speak are just some differences that are very interesting to me. But it is not only about your suroundings the real change happens in yourself.

5. Change yourself

Through these different experiences you will make during a journey it will change the whole “you”. After a real trip you will see the world with different eyes. As this totally depends on what you did, who you met and what you have seen, I can’t tell how you will change. But in general I can guarantee, you will be a more open minded and social person. You will know more about the world, its people and landscapes. You will think different about everything you knew. And all this together is very exciting – you never know how it will turn out and which kind of person you will be after the journey.

As I said theses are the 5 things that came to my mind why I love traveling that much. It might be different for everyone but in the end what is the most important is:

It doesn’t matter WHY you are traveling – It is important THAT you are traveling!


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